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  1. The Energy Concept and its Relation to Climate Literacy

    Mittenzwei, D., Bruckermann, T., Nordine, J. & Harms, U. 15.03.2019 in : Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education. 15, 6

    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

  2. Private tutoring when stakes are high: Insights from the transition from primary to secondary school in Germany

    Guill, K. & Lintorf, K. 03.2019 in : International Journal of Educational Development. 65, S. 172-182

    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

  3. Large-Scale Studies in Mathematics Education Research

    Reiss, K., Obersteiner, A., Heinze, A., Itzlinger-Bruneforth, U. & Lin, F-L. 14.02.2019 Traditions in German-Speaking Mathematics Education Research. Jahnke, H. N. & Hefendehl-Hebeker, L. (Hrsg.). Cham: Springer, S. 249-278 (ICME13 Monographs)

    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungBeiträge in Sammelwerken

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