• Sascha Bernholt
  • Silke Rönnebeck
  • Mathias Ropohl
  • Olaf Köller
  • Ilka Parchmann
The EU project 'Assess Inquiry in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education' (ASSIST-ME) investigates formative and summative assessment methods to support and improve inquiry-based approaches in European science, technology and mathematics (STM) education.
In the first step of the project, a literature review was conducted in order to gather information about the current state of the art in formative and summative assessment in inquiry-based education (IBE) in STM. Searches were conducted in databases, in the most important journals in the field of STM education, and in the reference lists of relevant publications. This report describes the search strategies used in detail and presents the results of the empirical studies described in the found publications in this field.
Ort des ErscheinensCopenhagen
Herausgeber (Verlag)University of Copenhagen
ZustandVeröffentlicht - 20.12.2013

ID: 81310