1. 2018
  2. Consumption-intention formation in education for sustainable development: An adapted model based on the theory of planned behavior

    Bauer, D., Arnold, J. & Kremer, K. 27.09.2018 in : Sustainability. 10, 10, S. 1-13, 3455

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  3. Sicheres Experimentieren im Chemieunterricht: Experimentieren? Aber sicher!

    Ruppersberg, K. 25.09.2018 Blog.

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  4. 28. Pressemappe zum BundesUmweltWettbewerb 2017/2018

    Eckhardt, M. 21.09.2018 Kiel: IPN - Leibniz-Institut für die Pädagogik der Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik, 34 S.

    Publikation: ForschungArbeits- oder Diskussionspapiere

  5. Development and validation of the ICT motivation scale for young adolescents: Results of the international school assessment study ICILS 2013 in Germany

    Senkbeil, M. 07.09.2018 in : Learning and Individual Differences. 67, S. 167-176

    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

  6. Same same, but different? Relations between facets of conscientiousness and grit

    Schmidt, F. T. C., Nagy, G., Fleckenstein, J., Möller, J. & Retelsdorf, J. 06.09.2018 in : European Journal of Personality.

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  7. Knowing more about things you care less about: Cross-sectional analysis of the opposing trend and interplay between conceptual understanding and interest in secondary school chemistry

    Höft, L., Bernholt, S., Blankenburg, J. S. & Winberg, M. 03.09.2018 in : Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

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  8. Frühe naturwissenschaftliche Bildung

    Steffensky, M. 09.2018 Fachtexte.

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  9. SimBioSee: Eine Computersimulation für den Ökologieunterricht

    Eckhardt, M. & Harms, U. 09.2018 in : Unterricht Biologie. 42, 437, S. 44-46

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  10. Supporting students in building and using models: Development on the quality and complexity dimensions

    Bielik, T., Opitz, S. & Novak, A. M. 09.2018 in : Education Sciences. 8, 3, S. 1-31, 149

    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

  11. Even liquids are magnetic: Observation of the Moses effect and the inverse Moses effect

    Laumann, D. 20.08.2018 in : The Physics Teacher. 56, 6, S. 352-354

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