1. 2017
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    Publikation: ForschungBeiträge in Sammelwerken

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    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

  4. It’s all show? Lesson profiles In experienced and displayed teacher enthusiasm

    Keller, M. & Becker, E. 2017

    Publikation: ForschungAufsatz in Konferenzband

  5. The impact of physics teachers' pedagogical content knowledge and motivation on students' achievement and interest

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    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

  6. 2016
  7. Teacher enthusiasm: Reviewing and redefining a complex construct

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    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

  8. 2015
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    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

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    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

  11. 2014
  12. Between-domain relations of students’ academic emotions and their judgments of school domain similarity

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    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

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    Publikation: ForschungBeiträge in Sammelwerken

  14. Exploring Teacher Emotions: A literature review and an experience sampling study

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    Publikation: ForschungBeiträge in Sammelwerken

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