• Stefanie Herzog
  • Odilla Finlayso
  • Katharina Hickmann
  • Ilka Parchmann
Translated title of the contributionPores made to order - Structure-Property-Relationships under the magnifying lens of chemical education
When observable properties are to be explained or predicted based on submicroscopic structures and with the help of different models, an understanding of structure-property-relationships becomes necessary. In doing that it is extremely important to not only look at atoms and functional groups, but to consider the „big picture“ of submicroscopic structures as existing gaps in a macromolecule generally lead to that substance’s macroscopic properties. In this article, such interactions between models and properties on different levels are presented. The interactions are embedded in an inquiry-based unit regarding the topic „Pores by design“ and selected aspects of the unit’s implementation in lower secondary classes are described. The different levels offer suitable approaches for learners of all ages and the unit not only makes use of general research methods but also raises procedural and industrial questions relevant for product optimization, which the learners can pursue.
Original languageGerman
JournalCHEMKON - Chemie konkret
Pages (from-to)29-36
Number of pages8
StatePublished - 20.01.2015

    Research areas

  • Research in teaching and learning - inquiry-based learning, macromolecule, structure-property-relationship

ID: 526060