• Silke Rönnebeck
  • Mathias Ropohl
  • Sascha Bernholt
  • Olaf Köller
  • Ilka Parchmann
The EU-funded project ‘Assess Inquiry in Science, Technology and Mathematics Edu-cation’ (ASSIST-ME) investigates formative and summative assessment methods to support and improve inquiry-based approaches in European science, technology and mathematics (STM) education. To guide the design, development and implementation of assessment methods, in the first phase of the project a review of the state-of-the art in formative and summative assessment and inquiry-based education in science, tech-nology and mathematics has been conducted by WP 2. The review included interna-tional research, national research within the ASSIST-ME partner countries, and defini-tions used by former and on-going EU-projects in the field of IBE. The results of this work have been published in the reports D 2.3 ‘National reports of partner countries reviewing research on formative and summative assessment in their countries’, D 2.4 ‘Report on current state of the art in formative and summative assessment in IBE in STM – Part I and part II’, D 2.5 ‘A definition of inquiry-based STM education and tools for measuring the degree of IBE’ and D 2.6 ‘Report of outcomes of the expert workshop on formative assessment in STM and IBE’. Following a short introduction, this report summarizes the major outcomes of the previous reports in sections 2 and 3. The out-comes provide the basis for a set of conclusions and recommendations presented in section 4. These conclusions and recommendations reflect the work done and the in-sights gained during the first nine months of the ASSIST-ME project that are regarded as crucial for the future work within the project.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationKiel
PublisherIPN - Leibniz-Institut für die Pädagogik der Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik
VersionDeliverable 2.7
Number of pages49
StatePublished - 2013

ID: 23805