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  2. Personality development in late adulthood

    Wagner, J. & Müller, S. 2017 Encyclopedia of personality and individual differences. Zeigler-Hill, V. & Shackelford , T. K. (eds.). New York: Springer International

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  4. Analyzing personality change: From average trajectories to within-person dynamics

    Voelkle, M. C. & Wagner, J. 14.04.2017 Personality development across the lifespan. Specht, J. (ed.). London: Academic Press, p. 497-516

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  5. On the role of personality in late life

    Müller, S., Wagner, J. & Gerstorf, D. 14.04.2017 Personality development across the lifespan. Specht, J. (ed.). London: Academic Press, p. 69-83

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  7. Cultural norm fulfillment, interpersonal belonging, or getting ahead?: A large-scale cross-cultural test of three perspectives on the function of self-esteem

    Gebauer, J., Sedikides, C., Wagner, J., Bleidorn, W., Rentfrow, P. J., Potter, J. & Gosling, S. D. 09.2015 In : Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 109, 3, p. 526-548

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  8. Dyadic longitudinal interplay between personality and relationship satisfaction: A focus on neuroticism and self-esteem

    Schaffhuser, K., Wagner, J., Lüdtke, O. & Allemand, M. 2014 In : Journal of Research in Personality. 53, December , p. 124-133

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  9. Introduction to the special section on self-esteem and personality across the lifespan: Antecedents of development and change

    Wagner, J. & Gerstorf, D. 2016 In : International Journal of Behavioral Development.

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  10. More stable estimation of the STARTS model: A Bayesian approach using Markov Chain Monte Carlo techniques.

    Lüdtke, O., Robitzsch, A. & Wagner, J. 2017 In : Psychological Methods.

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  11. Parental involvement with college students in Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, and the United States

    Fingerman, K. L., Cheng, Y-P., Kim, K., Fung, H. H., Han, G., Lang, F. R., Lee, W. & Wagner, J. 07.2016 In : Journal of Family Issues. 37, 10, p. 1384-1411

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  12. Perceived control across the second half of life: The role of physical health and social integration

    Drewelis, J., Wagner, J., Tesch-Römer, C., Heckhausen, J. & Gerstorf, D. 2017 In : Psychology and Aging. 32, 1, p. 76-92

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  13. Personality development in old age relates to physical health and cognitive performance: Evidence from the Berlin Aging Study II

    Müller, S., Wagner, J., Drewelis, J., Eibich, P., Specht, J., Demuth, I., Steinhagen-Thiessen, E., Wagner, G. G. & Gerstorf, D. 2016 In : Journal of Research in Personality. 65, December 2016, p. 94-108

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