• Aiso Heinze (Proceedings Author)
  • Anke Lindmeier (Proceedings Author)
  • Anika Dreher (Proceedings Author)
The question as to what content knowledge mathematics teachers need is highly relevant for the design of education programs for mathematics teachers. Hence, scholars have been trying to find answers to this question for a long time. Corresponding theoretical conceptualizations and empirical studies of teachers’ mathematical content knowledge diverge widely, however. – This is particularly valid with respect to whether the construct is oriented more towards school mathematics or towards academic mathematics. In this presentation, we will discuss different theoretical as well as empirical approaches and suggest a conceptualization of the content knowledge needed for teaching second-ary mathematics. Furthermore, results of an empirical study with 505 pre-service teachers will be presented.
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StatePublished - 02.2017
Publication date02.2017
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TitleDidactics of Mathematics in Higher Education as a Scientific Discipline : Conference Proceedings
EditorsRobin Göller, Rolf Biehler, Reinhard Hochmuth, Hans-Georg Rück

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Titlekhdm Conference 2015
PlaceHannover, Germany

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