• Nicola Meschede
  • Anja Fiebranz
  • Kornelia Möller
  • Mirjam Steffensky
This study explores the structure of teacher cognition by investigating the relation of teachers' professional vision with pedagogical content knowledge and beliefs in the domain of elementary science education. An investigation using a video-based assessment approach on professional vision revealed that all three constructs are substantially associated but still separable. Latent correlations did not differ across master students (n = 113) and in-service teachers (n = 110) though in-service teachers had greater professional vision, pedagogical content knowledge and less transmissive beliefs. This suggests a stable structure of teacher cognition. Moreover, results indicate that especially transmissive beliefs hinder observing classroom situations in a professional way.
Original languageEnglish
JournalTeaching and Teacher Education
Pages (from-to)158-170
Number of pages13
StatePublished - 2017

    Research areas

  • Professional competence - Teacher education, pedagogical content knowledge, beliefs, Video-based assessment, professional vision

ID: 821892