• Katrin Engeln
PRIMAS has carried out a pre-post survey on inquiry-based learning and teaching (IBL) across European partner countries. A successful implementation of IBL in different European countries is subject to various factors that may
impede or foster its broad uptake. It faces various challenges like the broad variety of teaching cultures and a rather heterogeneous landscape of teacher professional development concepts in the various European countries. The evaluation on the development of teachers and students collected empirical knowledge and thus helps to reflect on the success of PRIMAS. The results of the survey are
published in this report.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationKiel
PublisherIPN - Leibniz-Institut für die Pädagogik der Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik
VersionDeliverable No 9.3
Number of pages66
StatePublished - 20.12.2013

ID: 61550