• Kirstin Erath
  • Jenni Ingram
  • Judit Moschkovich
  • Susanne Prediger
After four decades of research and development on language in mathematics classrooms, there is consensus that enhancing language is crucial for promoting students’ mathematics learning. After briefly sketching the theoretical contexts for work on this topic, in this paper we present six design principles for instruction that enhances language for mathematics learning. We then review the research that provides an empirical foundation for these principles, (a) concerning the design of learning environments to enhance language for mathematics learning and (b) on teaching practices (including teacher moves and classroom norms) involved in the enactment of those designed learning environments. Without claiming completeness, this review of the state of development and research shows that some aspects of design and instruction that enhance language for mathematics learning have been well researched, whereas research gaps for other aspects persist.
ZeitschriftZDM: The International Journal on Mathematics Education
Seiten (von - bis)245-262
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 05.2021

ID: 1584679