• Klaus Ruppersberg
Hydrogen sulphide is undoubtedly a poisonous gas, there are fatal accidents, e.g. on liquid manure tanks in agriculture. On the other hand, even in extremely low concentrations, this gas can be smelled as a "smell of rotten eggs" and causes one to open the windows or run away. The threshold at which hydrogen sulfide gas is perceptible by smell, is given as 0.02 ppm. From 20 ppm, the odor is offensive, from 50 ppm severe health restrictions are expected, from 100 ppm, the smell perception away.
So a stink bomb "for fun" can only be about producing hydrogen sulfide in harmless concentration.
It is assumed that a classroom has a volume of 200 m3. If the amount of 3.6 g of iron sulfide in this room were allowed to react with hydrochloric acid then 1.4 g of hydrogen sulfide gas would be produced and, with even distribution in the room, the 8 hour EU occupational exposure limit of 7 mg / reach m3. One tenth of the amount shown is sufficient for a school trial and would lead to risk-free 0.5 ppm.
Translated title of the contributionMake a stink bomb for fun!: Harmless generation of hydrogen sulphide gas
Original languageGerman
JournalNaturwissenschaften im Unterricht - Chemie
Issue number170
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Publication statusPublished - 14.03.2019

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