• Anita Stender
The implementation of professional knowledge during instruction bases on a complex cognitive process. But neither theoretical models nor empirical evidence exist to describe this cognitive process. To close this research gap a transformation model of lesson planning was developed. This model describes under which circumstances and through which cognitive processes professional knowledge results in competent action during instruction. The transformation model of lesson planning assumes that teachers seldom use declarative professional knowledge for decisions in the classroom; instead they make use of teaching routines - so called scripts. Teachers develop these script by a long-term process of lesson planning and reflection upon the results of their planning. It is assumed that those scripts mediate the influence of professional knowledge on competent action during instruction. \par In addition to the theoretical development of the transformation model of lesson planning, the model was validated in the context of physic instruction. The focus of the validiation was on the verification of assumptions about influences of cognitive and affective dispositions of teachers on the quality of their scripts. To proof these assumptions a cross- sectional study with students (N=51), preservice teachers (N=48) and inservice teachers (N=49) of physics was conducted. To capture scripts an online vignette test had to be developed and tested according his applicability. The assumed development of quality of scripts as well as influences of cognitive and affective dispositions on the quality of scripts could be detected with this instrument.
Translated title of the contributionLesson planning: From knowledge to action - theoretical development and empirical validation of the transformation model of lesson planning
Original languageGerman
Place of PublicationBerlin
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ISBN (Print)978-3-8325-3750-0
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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NameStudien zum Physik- und Chemielernen
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  • Research in teaching and learning - lesson planning, scripts, professional competence

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